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Quote & Lyric Prompts

Prompts from famous Quotes, Lyrics and Movie Lines

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The Premise
This community was created to give muns & muses alike a little nudge in the form of quotes from movies, music and famous people. Anyone is welcome to join and post their responses to the prompts. There are no muse applications. If the community ends up with five Jack Sparrows or twelve Christine Daaes, so be it. The more, the merrier! There are no limits on how many words each post has to be. Movie prompts do not have to be answered as that character, unless they just happen to be your muse.
1) Each writer/mun is allowed as many muses as they wish.

2) Each response is to be linked in a comment to the main prompt post.

3) Warnings about spoilers and/or adult content is highly encouraged.

4) Constructive criticism is welcome, but please no flaming of characters/muns.

5) Comments should contain (but isn't necessary):
A link to the prompt response post
The name of the muse
The fandom
Word count

6) Original and canon characters are welcome.

7) There are no limits on how many prompts a writer can use.

8) There won't be any applications/activity checks.

Any further questions can be found in the FAQ post
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